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Barnes has been proudly serving Durham's farming community since 1946. Now we are the go-to location for the city's growing population of urban farmers and blooming backyard garden enthusiasts.


Durham County has always been a strong agricultural community. Once upon a time, when there were more plows than Priuses, Shorty Barnes was the man to see when you needed bulk bags of seed and fertilizers to start your fields off right. To this day we still offer a huge selection of garden and vegetable seeds, all available in bulk and sold by the once. From early spring until late fall we offer a wide assortment of starter vegetable plants, herbs and flowers, all sourced from North Carolina based nurseries. There are also seed potatoes, onions and seed garlic available seasonally. As in the past we still offer many great fertilizers, insecticides and soils and gardening tools. For our environmentally conscientious gardeners, we also carry many great organic gardening solutions and environmentally friendly brand names. There are veteran gardeners on staff who love talking plants and can offer helpful advice on setting up and maintaining your North Carolina garden no matter what size.



Fall and spring are the perfect times to re-seed your lawn, spot treat or to start a new lawn all together. Barnes offers several grass seeds in bulk and available by the pound. We offer fescue mix grass seed options specifically designed for North Carolina's climate. Also available are fescue shade blends, Kentucky 31, Annual Rye and a traditional contractors blend (rye and fescue mix). To complete the project we also have lime, wheat straw and other fertilizers. For simple maintenance we suggest and carry products like weed and feed, and corn gluten pre-immergents. Sometimes the weeds get tough and you just might need to browse our selection of weed control products. No lawn is complete without a little flare! We are a great source for lawn art such as windchimes, decorative pots, bird baths, and other colorful yard accessories that make great gifts for others or for your own garden!

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