Bird is the word!

Our newly renovated Bird Supply Department is stocked to suit the needs of your backyard feathered friends. Find the perfect gift for the seasoned bird enthusiast in your life or stock up for your backyard birdie buffet.

Seed and Feeders

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Year-round feeding provides a supplemental food source for both our resident bird populations  and for migrating visitors. Regularly feeding birds in your own backyard grants firsthand access to the many different species of birds that frequent North Carolina. Barnes has something for every bird on your list. For small birds such as finch and chickadee we have several brands of nyjer and millet. Larger birds do well with our  many selections of mixed wild bird seeds. These specialty wild bird blends come packed with nutritionally beneficial assortments of sunflower and safflower seeds, nuts, berries and millet. For bird enthusiasts who prefer to make their own blends, we carry large bags of black oil sunflower seeds as well as safflower. Our bulk bins are a great way to purchase a handful of seed by the pound. Suet cakes are a fantastic minimal mess feeding option. We have a full wall of suet cake flavors including the increasingly popular, squirrel deterring  “Hot Pepper Suet.” Finally, no birder's feed collection is complete without something for the blue birds and the humming birds. We have several brands of meal worms, blue bird nuggets, and hummingbird nectar mix.

We carry feeders appropriate for each of the feeds that we offer. From the traditional to the ornate, our beautiful selection carries standard feeders as well as specialty feeders and feeding trays.

Houses and Accessories

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Visit the Bird Supply House and browse our eclectic collection of bird houses. Along with traditional bird houses, we have homes and nesting boxes for specific birds like purple martins, blue birds, and chickadees. Our traditional wood houses are strong enough to meet the needs of any bird and our ornamental homes are guaranteed to brighten up any yard.

While you’re browsing, you’ll also find birding necessitates such as scoops, baffles, feeder cleaner pipes, and pole accessories.