Backyard Chickens

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Caring for a small flock of chickens can be a great experience for any family. Fresh eggs are a payoff for any fiscal amount put in to the initial set up of a new coop. More importantly, knowing where your food comes from and feeling soundly about the animals quality of life can be priceless. Durham is a chicken friendly community. Luckily you have Barnes as a resource for all of your backyard chicken needs. Here you can find several brands of feed ranging from traditional Purina brand Starter Feeds, Pellets, Scratch, and Crumbles to several organic brands like Natures Best. Mule City brand chicken feed is a Barnes favorite! Milled in Dunn, North Carolina, Mule City differs from the standard homogenized pellet and is instead a healthy mix of grains that Durham chickens are apparently raving about. No chicken's diet is complete without grit and treats. We carry several brands and size bags of grani-grit and oyster shell. Mill worms are a popular treat for chicks as are several brands of mixed treats that contain goodies such as pumpkin and flax seed. For the picky chicky, try our new “Chicken Buffet.” For $1.49 a pound you can select a scoop of this feed and that feed until you have found the right combo for your chicks.



Not every chicken needs a harness but in case yours does, we have chicken harnesses and the leashes to go along! We also have treat ball toys, reusable egg cartons, heat lamps, nest eggs to encourage laying, and a handful of other small extras. For the necessary accessories we always carry a wide range of feeders and waterers, both galvanized and plastic varieties. Every coop needs bedding, and we have wheat straw, cedar shavings, and pine shavings. We also have a special brand of bedding called Koop Clean that contains the enzyme PDZ. PDZ transforms ammonium into nitrogen, making the poop from your coop a useful compost for your garden! For occasional health care needs, we keep a selection of supplements probiotics and topical aides, for those little foul ups.....

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