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Made with four fresh meats and quality ingredients good enough for you to eat, the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul brand pet foods will satisfy your dog or cat's appetite and your discerning taste in pet food.
Professional's Complete Health System provides your pet with optimal nutrition for optimal health. The highest quality ingredients are blended together to make a great tasting formula that your pet will love. Proper levels of protein and fat, the ideal blend of omega fatty acids, and precise additions to the recipe ensure that your pet receives all of the benefits of great nutrition.
Some more information about some of the brands we carry:
Years of domestication have turned your pets from fierce predator to best friends. However, modern science proves that your dog or cat still share the DNA of the wolf or wild cat. Taste of the Wild™ Brand Dog and Cat food offers your pet a diet dictated by his genes. It provides your pet with the kind of natural, balanced diet that he could find "in the wild."
Premium Edge pet foods are made only with the finest, freshest ingredients. Fresh, never frozen, meat is the number one ingredient in every formula. Containing no ground corn, wheat, or soy, your pet receives the best nutrition for optimal health. Premium Edge has specialized formulas to meet the specific needs or your pet.
  • Diamond*
  • Chicken Soup for the
            Pet Lover's Soul*
  • Taste of The Wild*
  • Premium Edge*
  • Professional*
  • Black Gold*
  • Buddy Boy*
  • Innova
  • California Natural
  • Eagle Pack
  • Solid Gold

  • Wellness
  • Merrick
  • Dave's Pet Food
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Nature's Variety (Frozen)
  • Natural Balance
  • Pinnacle
  • Stella & Chewy's (Frozen)
  • Wynnsong
  • Canidae
  • Purina

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Barnes Supply Co., 774 Ninth Street, Durham, NC 27705  (919) 286-2750 Fax (919) 286-7433
We offer a vareity of pet foods, including the following brands: