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We have the products to meet your pets' needs! Stop in or call our store today! We would love to hear from you!!
Eliot Kaufman facilitates dog training classes every Saturday at Barnes! Please visit Eliot's website! http://bit.ly/1TI3L7p
We sell horse feed. We have the following products: Equine Senior, Crossroads sweet feed & Purina Equine Adult. We can special order too!
We have live, cold weather starter plants including broccoli, cauliflower, kale and lettuce.

Special Offers

All gardening water hoses are 20% off for this month.
Valid 5/01 - 5/31/2016
All flower bulbs are 50% off.
Valid 5/01 - 5/31/2016
Receive 25% OFF Muck Boots in stock!
Valid 5/01 - 6/30/2016

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Lotus Pet Foods

Are expensive foods better for my pet and how do I choose the right foods for my pet?